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Photo Archive: Alpha 66 - History

Engine 33 and Duty 3 were responding to a fire alarm when dispatch advised them that a firefighter was on scene with smoke showing. Duty 3 arrived shortly after advising smoke showing from the second floor and roof of a 2 story house. The engine crew stretched a line to the second floor where they began searching for the fire. Fire was located on the first floor and was extinguished by crews from 3 and 10. Chief 3-1 (Starry) had the command.

Alpha Kappa Alpha Awards College Scholarships

( article from The Guardian / Gainesville Sun ) The Twenty Pearls Foundation Inc. and the Gainesville/Alachua County chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. awarded eight 2012 high school graduates scholarships totaling $10,500 toward the goal of furthering their educations. Funds for the scholarships were raised during the sorority’s annual charity golf scramble to [&hellip]

Welcome Home to the Home Page of the O Deuce Widow Makers of Viet Nam. This page is for you.

We welcome your contributions of memories ( Sign in to our Guest Book), photos (Check out the Photo Gallery), friendship (keep coming back to see when the next Reunion will be), and Donations.

We also maintain an O Deuce Member Roster (last updated May 11, 2021 ) that you can download

Who we are

The 2nd Battalion of the 502nd Infantry Regiment (often referred to as the 'O Deuce') was part of the 1st Brigade of the 101st Airborne Division in Vietnam. The 1st Brigade of the 101st was one of the first major units in Vietnam - arriving by boat in July 1965. The O Deuce was on that boat as part of the 1st Brigade, and remained in Vietnam until 1972. The historical average "time in combat" for WWII Infantry Soldiers was 40 days, and in Vietnam they give 240 days as the norm or average. In the O Deuce the norm was much closer to 330 days - in a 365 day tour. We lived "in the bush", and saw the "rear area" for only a couple of days at a time, often a month or more apart.

Recondos - 1966-8 (Skip Ellis)

"A couple of years ago, if you had mentioned Viet Nam to me, I wouldn't have even talked to you. I was over and done with that. I finally came to realize that there was a big piece of me missing, and you guys are that missing piece."

from a conversation at the Atlanta 2006 Reunion

Onslaught Archive

When items in this archive are owned, they grant attack points to the player when enabled.

Name Picture Bonus per
item owned
# for maximum
item bonus
# for set Set # Where else to get, if other than Chest
Griffin Rider +4 Attack 10 14 Set 3 -
Divinity Mace +4 Attack 10 15 Set 1 -
Divinity Plate +4 Attack 10 15 Set 1 -
Drakken Blade +4 Attack 10 - - -
Nightcraft Gauntlets +4 Attack 10 16 Set 2 -
Nightcraft Plate +4 Attack 10 16 Set 2 -
Wildwalker Staff +4 Attack 10 - - -
Orc Marauder +4 Attack 10 14 Set 3 -
Angels Crusade +4 Attack 10 - - -
Deliverance +4 Attack 10 15 Set 4 Azriel, the Angel of Wrath
Purgatory +4 Attack 10 - - Azriel, the Angel of Wrath & Army of the Apocalypse
Consecration +4 Attack 10 15 Set 4 Azriel, the Angel of Wrath
Hellblade +4 Attack 10 - - Alpha Mephistopheles
Armageddon Pendant +4 Attack 10 - - Alpha Mephistopheles
Archangel +4 Attack 10 20 Set 4 Purchase from Soldiers shop at Battle rank 15
Royal Seal +4 Attack 10 15 Set 5 Purchase from Magic shop at Battle rank 18

Onslaught Bonus Item Sets

Set Number Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 Bonus Amount
Set 1 Divinity Mace x15 Divinity Plate x15 +45 Attack
Set 2 Nightcraft Gauntlets x16 Nightcraft Plate x16 +55 Attack
Set 3 Griffin Rider x14 Orc Marauder x14 +40 Attack
Set 4 Deliverance x15 Consecration x15 Archangel x20 Azriel +40 Attack
Set 5 Azeron Aurora Kull Royal Seal x15 +50 Attack


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ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA DEBUTANTES: A night of curtsies and commendations

The Zeta Upsilon Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority presented 41 debutantes of high school age on Saturday night at the Coliseum in St. Petersburg. The event, which is held every two years, was the sorority's third debutante scholarship cotillion.

The young women walked through an archway of white lattice to meet their presenters, who wore white-tie formal wear they promenaded to the foot of the stage and curtsied to their escorts, who bowed to the debs and guided them up the stairs.

Each debutante carried pink carnations. Pink, green and white pearlescent balloons, reflecting the sorority's colors, decorated the dinner tables.

AKA sponsors the event to promote the achievements of young women, inspire educational and cultural growth, encourage personal development, award higher education scholarships and encourage community service.

The 2005 Essence of Ebony Jewels, their parents and schools, are as follows:

Titilayo Adeleye, daughter of Dr. Anthony Adeleye and Dr. Darlene Jones, Admiral Farragut Academy.

Skyler Battle, daughter of Dr. Michael and Dana Battle, Boca Ciega High School.

Michelle Bolden, daughter of Keith and Carolyn Bolden, Lakewood High School.

Ivana Carley, daughter of Henry E. and Dr. Sylvia Carley, C. Leon King High School, Tampa.

Jenae Carter, daughter of Jackie Bolden-Gilliam and the late Johnnie Carter, Lakewood High School.

Cebrina Douse, daughter of Sam and Crystal Pruitt, St. Petersburg High School.

Rosharra Francis, daughter of Robert Francis and Sharon Welch-Francis, Gibbs High School.

Bobbi Gaines, daughter of Bobby and Carolyn Gaines, Gibbs High School.

Omarra Gordon, daughter of Robert and Valerie Gordon, Pinellas Park High School.

Pavi'elle Gregory, daughter of Alton Raines and Gail Gregory, St. Petersburg High School.

Sakira Hadley, daughter of Javan and Carolyn Turner and Oscar Hadley II, St. Petersburg High School.

Kiayis Hinton, daughter of Gregory and Yvette Hinton, Lakewood High School.

Kennetra Irby, daughter of the Rev. Kenneth and Karen Irby, St. Petersburg High School.

Shaneka Jackson, daughter of Ronnie Hill and Donecha Tillman, Gibbs High School.

Auriel James, daughter of Roy and Ellen James, Dixie Hollins High School.

Ashley Johnson, daughter of Wesley and Shirley Johnson, Canterbury School of Florida.

Danitra Johnson, daughter of Brady and Laverne Johnson, Gibbs High School.

Tiara Johnson, daughter of Tyler and Trina Johnson, Gibbs High School.

Jasmine Jones, daughter of Paul Jones and Crystal Roundtree, Gibbs High School.

Marquita Jones, daughter of Anthony Harris and Yolanda Jones, Boca Ciega High School.

Alexandria Kincy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alex Kincy, Boca Ciega High School.

Jericka Knox, daughter of Erica Knox and the late James Knox, Boca Ciega High School.

Kashiti Long, daughter of Glynn Long and Chandra Lynn Golden, Boca Ciega High School.

Safiya Miller, daughter of Winston and Joan Miller, International Baccalaureate Program, St. Petersburg High School.

Chaye Mobley, daughter of Milton and Deana Mobley, Boca Ciega High School.

Monyka Morris, daughter of Lenora Morris and the late Onsbey Morris, Gibbs High School.

Anika Navaroli, daughter of Albert and Davenia Navaroli, Keswick Christian Academy.

Sierra Poyau, daughter of Frantz Poyau and Darlene Naundros, Boca Ciega High School.

Sarah Raver, daughter of Bryan and Dorothy Raver, St. Petersburg High School.

Sequoia Ringgold, daughter of Dexter Daniels and Twanna Roundtree-Ringgold, Gibbs High School.

Senita Robinson, daughter of James and Joyce Robinson, Lakewood High School.

Melanie Rogers, daughter of William and Lynn Rogers, Lakewood High School.

Joia Saylor, daughter of Thelma Neilsen Saylor, Lakewood High School.

Luegenia Sherriffe, daughter of Winston and Luella Sherriffe, St. Petersburg Catholic High School.

Angel Starling, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Starling Jr., Lakewood High School.

Bristie Stephens, daughter of Solomon and Bernice Stephens, Lakewood High School.

Martina Sykes, daughter of the Rev. Manuel and Belinda Sykes, Gibbs High School.

Janderlyn White, daughter of Leon and Janice White, Gibbs High School.

Ashley Wilson, daughter of Shanta M. Jackson, Dixie Hollins High School.

Megan Woodall, daughter of Robert and Lora Woodall, Gibbs High School.

Shannon Wynn, daughter of Michael Wynn and Sheryl Williams, East Lake High School.

Sakira Hadley was named Miss Debutante 2005 runners-up were Skyler Battle, Sierra Poyau and Megan Woodall. Tiara Johnson won the Supreme Endurance Award Chaye Mobley was named Miss Community Service. The debs elected Jasmine Jones as Miss Congeniality.

Christa Bruning and Jon Marino were masters of ceremonies for the event. Deborah Figgs-Sanders chaired the cotillion, and Lisa Brody was the co-chairwoman. Lena Wilfalk is the current AKA president.

Corporate sponsors included Motions, Wal-Mart, Orange Blossom Catering, Publix, Supreme Heating and Cooling, and Sir Speedy.

Conference to Address Ethical Issues in Rare Disease Research

People with rare diseases such as Alpha-1 deserve treatments that are proven to be safe and effective.

Christine Grady, PhD (Photo)

But unlike more common diseases, rare diseases offer fewer patients who are able to participate in clinical trials to find an effective treatment. Many rare diseases also primarily affect children. For these disorders, including children in clinical trials is imperative, but requires more safeguards.

These are among the concerns that will be addressed at the Ethical Issues Related to Clinical Research and Rare Diseases conference on April 1. The conference, which will take place at the Hyatt Regency in Bethesda, MD, is sponsored by the Alpha-1 Foundation.

“The goal of this conference is to discuss the ethics of rare disease research and, if possible, to make recommendations that can inform future clinical research in rare diseases, with a focus on Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency,” said Adam Wanner, MD, the Foundation’s scientific director. “To achieve this goal, the meeting is divided into two parts. The first part will address the history of clinical research in rare diseases and identify gaps. The objective of the second part is to project rare disease research into the future with a focus on its ethical implications.”

Larry Bauer, regulatory scientist at the Rare Diseases Program, Office of New Drugs, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), will be among the first presenters at the conference. He will address the accomplishments and challenges of clinical research in rare diseases. He will help set the stage for the rest of the conference by highlighting some of the programs at the FDA that address rare disease treatment, as well as ongoing initiatives to help find cures for rare diseases.

“The Alpha-1 Foundation has been an exemplary rare disease patient advocacy organization,” Bauer said. “We were pleased to be invited to participate in this scientific conference that seeks to further advance and expedite the development of therapies for Alpha-1 Antitrypsin as well as other rare diseases.”

Christine Grady, PhD, is chief of the Department of Bioethics at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Clinical Center. Her presentation at the conference will address the history of ethics research, as well as institutional review boards (IRBs) that review and approve medical research. She will also address changes to the Common Rule, which is the baseline standard of ethics that governs medical research.

“I will consider the proposed changes to the Common Rule and other relevant policies regarding IRBs and discuss how these changes, if and when implemented, might affect research on rare diseases,” Grady said.

Other participants at the conference will include: Robert Sandhaus, MD, PhD, the Foundation’s clinical director Mark Brantly, MD, director of the University of Florida Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency Research Program Jeff Teckman, MD, Alpha-1 researcher at the University of Saint Louis School of Medicine and Charlie Strange, MD, director of the Alpha-1 Coded Testing Study at the Medical University of South Carolina.

For more information, contact Adriana de Arce at 305-567-9888, ext. 269, or email her at [email protected]

An Illustrious Cannibal: Conspiracy Theories about Queen Elizabeth II

The obsession with the British royal family, which has always been present even beyond the borders of the Land of Albion, sometimes takes on characteristics that make it similar to religious fanaticism and lead to a series of conspiracy theories regarding the various members.
Particular attention was paid to Her Majesty, Elizabeth II, about whom two hypotheses are the most popular:

  1. Queen Elizabeth II is an extraterrestrial reptile.
  2. Queen Elizabeth II is a cannibal

Conspiracy theorist and former BBC sports journalist David Icke states that some members of the elite which includes world leaders and characters publics - including Queen Elizabeth II - are Anunnaki Reptilians and as such responsible for tragedies such as 9/11 and the Holocaust.
In a BBC interview entitled "Lizards in Buckingham Palace", Icke says that his theories are supported by concrete information.
With the publication of the 250,000 US diplomatic documents on WikiLeaks, the theory of the Reptilians who, occupying positions of power, hold the reins of the world, would have found definitive confirmation.
Not all Reptilians are equal: undisputed leaders like Queen Elizabeth are from the constellation Draco, while other gray eminences come from Bellatrix or Orion.

In 2014, during the meeting between Queen Elizabeth and Wladimir Putin on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the D-Day, the latter was bitterly attacked by the western media for not helping the elderly monarch to climb the stairs, keeping the distances as if was disgusted or intimidated by his presence.
According to some rumors, it emerged that Putin's unfriendly attitude was attributable to the fact that he had witnessed his majesty's ability to transform into something non-human.
The Russian president also said that the queen's oddly elongated face, crocodile teeth and grayish complexion would give her serpentine features: during the ritual photos together with world leaders including Barack Obama and the Premier of New Zealand, Putin he would have noticed that the hands of the sovereign seemed to transform progressively until it assumed the appearance of fleshy reptilian clutches and that when he smiled his teeth were sharp and seemed to glisten under the flashes of the photographers. Putin allegedly confided to the managerial staff and his closest collaborators that the Queen was repeatedly seen to be transformed into a sort of reptile as if she wanted to demonstrate her strength and warn all humanity so that she would not confuse the dominant lineage of the reptilians with the Illuminati of which she herself seems to fulfill the role of priestess.

As for the second hypothesis on Elizabeth II's "extravagant eating habits", Richard Snugg, a researcher at the University of Durham and a scholar of cannibalism, revealed that already in the 17th century many wealthy people in the United Kingdom and Europe were feeding on human parts to healing purpose. Among the remedies in vogue was the mold that grew on the skulls of dead soldiers, apparently used to treat nose bleeds. King James I refused the medicine derived from corpses, Charles II instead produced his drugs from corpses, while medicines were extracted from the corpse of Charles I. Not only that, King Charles II would have liked the care of the skulls so much that he bought the recipe and "distilled" it from some skulls in his private laboratory. The resulting preparation, soon baptized with the name "drops of the king", was also used against epilepsy, convulsions and brain disorders and administered to the dying. King Charles hired him on his deathbed in 1685 and so did Queen Mary in 1698. Other prominent users of these drugs include Francis I, John Banister, Elizabeth I's physician, Elizabeth Gray, Countess of Kent, Robert Boyle, Thomas Willis, William III and Queen Mary.

Nothing strange then if, as the British historian Hubert Humdinger hypothesized, Her Majesty actually consumed "forbidden meat" to maintain his enviable energy and vitality and his youthful appearance: human flesh in fact is considered to have a abundance of spiritual energy and nutrients which would lend to her youthfulness at ninety-four. The other reason she would do this is because of her position of power and it makes her feel even more powerful as the Queen. Even though this is savage like and disgusting, as we have previously told, her alleged dark habit is not uncommon in the royal families, also in the past.

In 2012, the Dear Dirty America website claimed to have "confirmed" Humdinger's reports following a disturbing discovery made by a man on duty at Windsor Castle. On a casual day, in Buckingham palace an electrical serviceman was called by the royals to fix an electrical problem in Queen Elizabeth's private freezer. Being the Queen of England, Elizabeth is granted special privileges which she uses to her advantage: these privileges would be shockingly discovered by the serviceman when he was trying to locate the problem in her freezer. After opening the refrigerator to check the its temperature to make sure he had fixed the issue, the man found what appeared to be strips of flayed meat which were packaged tightly in plastic seal. It wasn't that which was jaw dropping, but it was what was hidden behind it. At first sight, he thought they were pig parts but after further observation, they turned out to be a forearm, a leg, and a hunk of a male chest which were from the human body.

She must eat human flesh to be so vivacious. There is an immense amount of spiritual energy in human muscle.”-Humdiger said

"Cannibalism is a radical but realistic solution to the problem of overpopulation"

-Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

Resources related to An Illustrious Cannibal: Conspiracy Theories about Queen Elizabeth II

Worship Central Mindanao 2009

My best friend, fellow ministry worker, and the only member of the Worship Central Mindanao Team to be officially recognized as both a proper noun and a verb, Ralph Lumo, shares his wonderful experiences in both Cagayan de Oro and Bukidnon:

Worship is a form of communication with God. This is only possible when one is open to having a relationship with Him. Its expression is through song, music and exultation.

During National Director John Borra’s last visit to Mindanao, he brought with him Magoo del Mundo of Worship Central and members of the Building Bridges Band in order to conduct worship seminars at Malaybalay City, Bukidnon and Cagayan de Oro City.

Arriving in Malaybalay at mid-day, the band conducted a seminar for the Youth Alpha members and Adult Alpha. After singing songs of praise and worship and a brief introduction on worship, the band then split the group according to their musical interests.

1. Micah del Mundo conducted a vocals workshop
2. Brian Abenejo tutored piano and keyboard players
3. Pee-wee Vivas taught those who played (or were interested in) guitars
4. Randell Garcia mentored the drummer.

By late afternoon, the hills of Impalambong echoed with voices and sounds of praise and it was with heavy hearts that the group had to depart for the next leg of the seminar.

After coming back from a successful trip to Malaybalay, Bukidnon the Building Bridges Band were psyched to continue their efforts and proceeded to conduct the second of a series of worship seminars.

The whole day seminar and workshop was held at the Alpha Regional Office and Training Center. There were over 50 participants from different groups and parishes namely: Kahayag sa Diyos community, San Antonio de Padua Parish, People of God community, as well as members from various local bands and music groups.

Like all Alpha activities, we began the day with prayer and worship. The Training Center could barely contain the outpouring of praise and it seemed that the entire building was shaking to its very foundation.

As the group settled down, Magoo shared his knowledge and experience of worship. It was clear from the questions and reactions that there is almost a universal theme both with the positive aspects generated by worship and the negative perception regarding some of the more modern instruments being used by the younger generation of worship leaders: worship should always lead us to praise God.

For the workshop, the band once again divided the group according to their musical interests. It was quite clear that the participants who came from different parishes and communities were excited. Several brought their own instruments. All were eager to learn from the lively facilitators, as well as willing to share their experience in worship. Because of the number of bass players in attendance, Magoo had to teach a workshop with the bass.

Late in the afternoon, the participants all gathered together as the Building Bridges Band showed them how the different aspects of prayer, music, and band dynamics discussed earlier come together in worship. To cap a very fruitful exchange, everyone sang their hearts out in worship as another day ended, this time with new understanding and knowledge, the promise of new and exciting things to come.

Watch the video: Window on the Past: The Leodis Photo Archive (May 2022).


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