Sheffield YFB-45 - History

(YFB-45: 1.145'0"; b. 44'0"; cpl. 4)

Shefield (YFB-45) was placed in service in 1944 at Pearl Harbor in the 14th Naval District. Manned by a civilian crew, she made daily runs between Halawa and Lord Island in Pearl Harbor for 16 years, from 1944 to 1960. In October 1960, her name was struck from the Navy list, and she was scheduled for an unspecified disposal.

Sheffield YFB-45 - History

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Sheffield Pharmaceuticals has been creating and formulating quality national brand equivalent and unique products since 1850. Our goal is to create products that offer excellent quality, value and efficacy to promote wellness and to help reduce suffering. We offer an extensive selection of over 1000 formulas and ready-market products.

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We are the home of Dr. Sheffield and Exclusive Brands that offer excellent quality, value and efficacy to promote wellness and to help reduce suffering. We service the over-the-counter (OTC) cream, ointment and toothpaste, nasal and first aid segments with products that are made in the USA since 1850.


Sheffield Pharmaceuticals provides complete project management and support in manufacturing quality, and regulatory compliance. We offer a full suite or services to our customers as our experience spans generations which has resulted in offering customers the most complete product performance results available. We aim to be more than a transactional vendor, we want to be your partner.

Sheffield Pharmaceuticals

We are a Connecticut-based manufacturer and supplier of store brand OTC products to the largest retailers and drug store chains in the USA.

We are the home of Dr. Sheffield and exclusive branded products that offer excellent quality, value and efficacy to promote wellness and to help reduce suffering. We service the over-the-counter (OTC) cream, ointment and toothpaste, nasal and first aid segments with products that are made in the USA since 1850.

The Company is made up of over 200+ local committed team-oriented professionals focused on providing the best service and products to our customers in strict accordance with all FDA (cGMP) regulations and procedures.

From product development, validation/testing, packaging design, to final manufacturing, Sheffield has the knowledge and expertise to take a product from concept to market smoothly and efficiently.

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We mine and process our own native Sheffield clay. It is included in many of our moist clay body and casting slip formulas. This clay is also available to buy as a dry powder called Sheffield Slip Clay or Hammer milled Sheffield. This clay is featured in our famous Albany Substitute which is nearly identical to the original Albany Slip Clay. Orders for bulk pick up of baseball mix, pond clay and horseshoe clay can be scheduled.

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Sheffield, town, city, and metropolitan borough, metropolitan county of South Yorkshire, north-central England. Sheffield lies about 160 miles (260 km) northwest of London. The city and metropolitan borough lie within the historic county of Yorkshire, except for the area around Beighton and Mosborough, which belongs to the historic county of Derbyshire. Sheffield is situated at the foot of the Pennine highlands at a point where four streams—the Sheaf, Porter, Rivelin, and Loxley—running in deep valleys converge to form the River Don.

Escafeld, as the historic town of Sheffield was called at the time of Domesday Book (1086), was an Anglo-Saxon village. It became the site of a castle and a parish church built by the Norman lord William de Lovetot early in the 12th century. From medieval times the local iron ore was smelted with charcoal obtained from the nearby abundant woodlands, and smiths and cutlers used the excellent local sandstone for grindstones. During the 15th century the streams that converge on Sheffield began to be used for power for grinding and forging operations. A cutlery industry thus grew, and Sheffield emerged in the 17th century as the main provincial cutlery town and a powerful rival to London. By 1700 London, too, had been defeated, and thereafter Sheffield enjoyed a virtual monopoly of the English cutlery trade.

Sheffield was the site of several metallurgical innovations that greatly spurred its growth. In the early 1740s Benjamin Huntsman developed the crucible process of steelmaking, thereby obtaining a reliable tool steel that by 1830 had earned Sheffield recognition as the world centre of high-grade steel manufacture. About 1742 the Sheffield cutler Thomas Boulsover discovered the process of plating copper with silver by fusion, and the city became the chief production centre for articles made of Sheffield plate. Henry Bessemer’s new method (1856) of making inexpensive steel in large quantities was first tested and used in a factory at Sheffield, whose heavy steel industries grew greatly as a consequence. The process for making stainless steel also originated at Sheffield, about 1912. In 1911 census returns showed that Sheffield had surpassed Leeds as the most populous city in Yorkshire.

Although its industrial base underwent some shrinkage in the late 20th century, Sheffield is still a major British producer of raw steel, cutlery, and machinery. Food processing is also important. Sheffield is sited on a hill-and-valley system of great beauty, and both the moors of the Pennines and the wooded dales of Derbyshire sweep up to the very edge of the city’s residential areas. Outside the town of Sheffield, the metropolitan borough includes suburban areas and open countryside, including part of Peak District National Park. Sheffield is served by modern roads and is the major shopping and cultural centre in South Yorkshire. The University of Sheffield is especially known for its programs in metallurgy. The Town Hall (1897) is a notable civic building, and both the city museum and the Graves art gallery have fine collections. Sheffield also is the home of the National Centre for Popular Music. Area city and metropolitan borough, 142 square miles (368 square km). Pop. (2001) town, 439,866 city and metropolitan borough, 513,234 (2011) town, 518,090 city and metropolitan borough, 552,698.

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The world's first football club

Starting with the foundation of the club in 1857, the club’s committee studies the various rules.

1860 First inter-club game

On Boxing Day in 1860, Sheffield FC plays the first inter-club game against Hallam FC at Sandygate Lane.

1863 English Football Association

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1866 The first inter-city match

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1867 The world's first football tournament

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1872 The first international match

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1878 The first match under floodlights

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At Sheffield, you’ll join a supportive community of scholars who share your passion. Our reputation for excellence attracts some of the best minds in the world.

Frequent strenuous exercise increases the chance of developing MND in genetically at risk individuals

Our researchers have led a pioneering study that represents a significant step towards unravelling the link between high levels of physical activity and the development of motor neurone disease.

Val has been Fran Fines friend since elementary school, in Flushing, Queens, New York. When the show began, Val was working at the same bridal shop as Fran she was present when Fran was fired from her job and dumped by her ex-boyfriend, Danny Imperiali, in favor of Fran’s arch-rival, Heather Biblow. Fran and Val sponsor a young woman from Cambodia, named Mai Ling.

Val often comes across as very dimwitted, which annoys and worries Fran a lot. However, Fran once said jokingly that she became best friends with Val because she made her (Fran) look smarter. When she and Val disagree, Fran uses Val’s lack of intelligence as an insult. Val will often briefly take offense, but charmingly admits that Fran is the more intelligent after calming down, which builds the friendship and camaraderie between the two.

Like Fran, Val is initially unsuccessful in love dating men occasionally but never settling down. At one point during the series, Val, Fran and Fran's sometime nemesis, C.C. Babcock bonded and swore off men for a while. However, at the end of the series, Val begins dating a pharmacist named Fred and became pregnant with his son.

At some point during the series Val loses her job at the bridal shop and in season six Maggie's Wedding she states that she is now working at a Krispy Kreme.

Val was a bridesmaid at Fran’s wedding.

In season one it is mentioned that Val’s father is a plumber and Fran states that Val is actually very mechanical.

Towards the end of the series, Val begins a relationship with Fred the pharmacist after an encounter with a psychic.

Chagall’s character was named after Fran Drescher’s biological cousin named Erica Toriello.

Welcome to Sheffield Knives

J. Adams Ltd (Sheffield Knives) is a family business which has been making good quality knives for six generations; we are the parent company for three other old established manufacturers F.E & J.R.Hopkinson Ltd, established 14 June 1944, John Nowill & Sons Ltd, whose corporate name was granted by the Cutlers Company of Hallamshire on 27 April 1700 A.D. and Austin McGillivray & Co.

If you have any specific requirements and cannot find the items you are looking for or if you have any difficulties using our ecommerce store then please call us on ჸ Ɛ) 114 272 3612 or Email Sheffield Knives.

Items on this website will not be supplied to persons under 18 years of age - in compliance with the Offensive Weapons Act 1996. To enable your order to be processed you must have read and ticked your acceptance of our terms and conditions on the checkout page and by so doing you confirm that you are over 18.

Romance [ edit | edit source ]

The romantic tension between Maxwell and Fran lasts until the couple gets engaged in the fifth season following several snafus, they are finally married in the season 5 finale. Until that point, they always address each other with proper employer-employee politeness, i.e. "Miss Fine" and "Mr. Sheffield.

Maxwell finally confesses to Fran that he loves her (for the first time) when their plane to New York from Paris meets some turbulence, and he believes they may crash. So ends season 3 on a cliffhanger as to what will eventually happen between them.

Upon returning home, at the beginning of season 4, Maxwell immediately revokes the statement (this is later referred to as "the thing" and is held over Mr. Sheffield's head with glee by Fran).

However, by the fifth season, Maxwell and Fran begin a tentative romantic relationship, which consisted of a very large milestone: calling each other by their first names. Maxwell proposes marriage (a move that sends C.C who had an obsessive crush on Maxwell and jealous hatred of Fran, to a mental hospital). Later, they are married, after C.C. gets back in town. C.C. even tries to walk down the aisle with Maxwell to try to marry her. Later Fran legally adopts Maggie, Brighton, and Gracie. 

Fran finally gets pregnant in the season 6 episode Oh, Say, Can You Ski? after a long battle of trying to get into that state. Soon after, it is revealed that they are having twins. In The Finale: Part 1, Fran goes into labor. It ends with her, and the rest of the gang going to the hospital so Fran can give birth. When Maggie, Brighton and Gracie ask their father who he thinks the twins are going to look like. Maxwell replies that it doesn't matter who they look like, as long as they're, ". happy, and healthy, and. sound like me".

They finally give birth to fraternal twins, Eve and Jonah. Jonah, who was born first, was named for Fran's side of the family, but was more reserved like his father and Eve, who was born a few minutes later, was named for her father's side of the family, but was more nasally and boisterous like her mother.

Despite the fact they stopped using each other's last names to address each other when they married, Fran and Max would still switch to their boss/employee roles out of habit. When Maxwell is angry with her, he will instinctively shout "Miss Fine!", causing a worried Fran to reply, "Oh no, I'm Miss Fine again!". The same is true for Fran, who calls Maxwell "Mr. Sheffield" in bed. Before they got married, Fran had many fantasies of them making out or close to being in bed together.

Watch the video: The Sheffield Blitz - 80 Year Anniversary Special (January 2022).