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After presenting with humor for the youngest gladiatorialism, Greek mythology and Queen Cleopatra, Cazenove tackles a new key figure in history: King Louis XIV! The young readership is invited to follow this ten-year-old monarch for forty-two pages of gags, the opportunity to approach in a roundabout way the key themes and characters of the Grand Siècle. A humorous comic skilfully completed by a beautiful educational file produced by the editor-in-chief of Histoire Junior magazine. A good opportunity For the young to learn while having fun!

The dawn of the Sun King

This comic strip intended for very young readers tells the imaginary adventures of little Louis, a very young monarch, under the tutelage of Mazarin. We are in 1610, the king is only ten years old, the Marquis de Louvois seven, Françoise d'Aubigné (Madame de Maintenon) thirteen, Olympe Mancini likewise, Vauban fifteen, Lully sixteen, Molière twenty-six, La Fontaine twenty-seven ... All the great names of the great century are only at the beginning of their careers and the young reader of elementary school will be able to easily identify with these mischievous toddlers.

This comic strip is made up of a series of short stories full of gags featuring the young Louis XIV. This relatively short format, around one to six pages per story, and the frenetic pace at which the comic effects are linked, should make it possible to keep the attention of young audiences while avoiding any feeling of weariness.
These childhood stories regularly appear as the root causes of the major decisions subsequently taken by the sovereign. In doing so, from page to page, the young reader encounters key figures in the political and artistic life of the Grand Siècle and tackles various key subjects: the revocation of the Edict of Nantes, the education of the king, the construction of Versailles, the war of succession in Spain, the mystery of the iron mask, the defensive system set up by Vauban ... Each story is a reason to bring clothing a little history!

An educational comic

A commendable initiative, and like “La petite Cléo”, this comic book ends with a six-page educational dossier, written by Lucie Hoornaert, editor-in-chief of the Histoire Junior magazine. Perfectly suited to a Primary / early secondary school audience, this dossier tackles the monarch's youth in an accessible way, but seriously: his family life, his education, his learning of power and his marriage until the death of Mazarin. This file is richly illustrated with drawings from comics, but also period paintings. Small “dico” inserts explain the specific vocabulary and thematic inserts focus on the various elements humorously approached in the comic strip: Édit de Nantes, guerres ...

Otherwise this file crowns the educational interest of this comic, allowing the young pupil to have in their hands both a distraction tool and a reference tool to acquire a first solid foundation on this tutelary character of the History of France !

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